The Long & Storied History of House Cleaning

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When was the first cleaning product inventedHave you ever wondered how home upkeep evolved? It has been a part of our lives ever since humans first built permanent houses to the present day. It changes and evolves, adjusting to our modern, fast-paced life. 

With time, new cleaning innovations have entered the market, resulting in a permanent shift in how we clean in Clinton, IN. So, when exactly did people refer to cleaning as we know it today? Read on as we’re about to get into the history of cleaning, from the techniques, roles, methods and professional cleaning services.

When was cleaning invented?

Exploring history of home maintenance sheds light on the changes in society and technology, but it also reveals what our predecessors had in common with us: 

1782: Henry Sidgier patented a washing machine that uses a rotating drum. It featured a cage with a handle for turning clothes. 

1886: American housewives had to take 8 to 10 trips to the local water source. That’s an astounding fact, considering that it took 50 gallons of water to wash one load of laundry.

1907: Paper towels are introduced for the first time by The Scott Paper Company. Their first use was to prevent the spread of germs from cloth towels in public restrooms.

1912: What’s today a very popular solution, only appeared in America in 1912. Lysol was advertised as a way to stop the Spanish influenza pandemic. It’s also promoted as a feminine-hygiene product.

1933: Procter & Gamble advertises a soap powder known as Oxydol.

1937: The cartoon character Betty Boop sings “I have those house cleaning blues.”. 

1965: This is a period where women spent more time doing housework, even more than their grandmothers did.

1980s: The Dawn company donated dish soap to help clean wildlife covered in oil. Wildlife rescue workers found that washing birds with dish soap got the best results. (Some rescuers tried mineral oil and cornmeal in the 70s.) Dawn’s efforts have led to more than 75,000 animals being saved.

1998: Executive Order 13101 requires that all federal facilities use “environmentally preferable” cleaning products. Why? Because the president says so.

2012: Washing machines are 98 percent and dishwashers 101 percent more energy-efficient than they were 20 years ago.

When was the first cleaning product invented?

The first hygiene product was soap, which was invented around 2800 BC in Babylon. Soap comes from the Latin word “sapo” which is related to another Latin word sebum, meaning tallow or animal fat. 

From the 13th century onwards, soap production in the Middle East was industrialized. A Persian philosopher, alchemist, and physician, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, provided a recipe for making glycerine from olive oil in the 9th century. 

During the Industrial Revolution, soap production was shifted from households to factories. Nowadays, the soap industry has evolved to the point where everyone has a variety of options at their fingertips.

Where in Clinton, IN, can I find reputable cleaning services?

When was cleaning inventedIt’s clear that the complexity of cleaning and cleaning terms used in regular housekeeping has remained almost the same over time. However, there has been a significant change in the accessibility of professional home maintenance. 

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