How to Make Your Kitchen Sparkle in 5 Simple Steps

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There are no two ways about it: having a clean and germ-free kitchen is absolutely crucial when it comes to protecting your and your family’s health.

After all, the kitchen is where you keep and cook most of the food you eat, and where you store and wash all your eating utensils.

As if that wasn’t enough, the COVID-19 crisis has further increased the importance of keeping key areas of your home like the kitchen and the bathroom as clean as possible. Whether you do it yourself, or you use house cleaning services in Farmersburg or elsewhere in Terre Haute, IN, ensuring these sensitive areas regularly receive in-depth cleanings should be your priority as a homeowner.

In order to help you keep your kitchen free of harmful pathogens, we have prepared a 5-step kitchen cleaning guide. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the proper way to clean a kitchen?

At a minimum, most kitchens should be cleaned on a weekly basis. However, the more often your kitchen is used, the more likely it is to suffer stains, spills, and other messes that should be dealt with ASAP.

Here’s what goes into a standard kitchen cleaning:

What is the proper way to clean a kitchen

Washing the faucets and the sinks using dish detergent

  • Wiping away stains
  • Throwing out the trash and replacing the lining on the trash can
  • Vacuuming any floor coverings
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • Removing spilled food crumbs
  • Wiping down the countertops and the top of the stove
  • Running the dishwasher (or washing the dishes by hand)
  • Disposing of expired food

How do you sanitize a kitchen?

To clean a kitchen, you’ll need these cleaning supplies: dishwashing soap, paper towels, household disinfectant, clean rags, a mop, a bucket, a spray bottle, a vacuum cleaner, and warm water.

Here’s a 5-step kitchen cleaning guide:

1. Countertops and the top of the stove

Apply dishwashing soap and warm water to cleaning rags, wring them out, and then use them to wipe down the stovetop and the countertops. Dry them afterwards with paper towels. Wait until these surfaces are completely dry before using them again.

2. Disinfect the kitchen

Apply the household disinfectant to frequently-touched surfaces such as handles, countertops, faucets, and so on. Thoroughly air the kitchen while using the disinfectant and don’t shut the windows until the disinfected areas are completely dry.

3. Deal with the fridge

All stains, crumbs, spills, and similar accidents in the fridge need to be cleaned ASAP using water, soap, and paper towels. Failing to do so can result in rot, which can contaminate the rest of your food and even cause mold to grow inside the fridge.

4. Disinfect the cutting boards

All cutting boards and other items that have been in contact with uncooked meat should immediately be washed with hot water and dishwashing soap, and then disinfected using a household disinfectant.

5. Sanitize the floor

Give the floor in your kitchen a good vacuuming. Then grab the bucket and make a bleach mixture (5 gallons of water and a single cup of bleach). Mop the floor regularly first, and then mop it again using the bleach mixture.

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How do you sanitize a kitchen

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