Bathroom Disinfection: All You Need To Know

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We use our bathrooms every day to keep ourselves clean, so it’s only logical that we need to keep our bathrooms clean as well.  That being said, there are many touchpoints that need to be regularly cleaned in order for our bathrooms, but also kitchens and any other parts of the house to be clean and healthy. 

Having a healthy home means cleaning it regularly, and this matters even more for touchpoints around the house. While bathroom and kitchen cleaning is extremely important, not all of us have the free time to do it regularly. If you find yourself in that situation then it might be beneficial for you to book a professional touchpoint cleaning house services company here in Terre Haute. However, first explore some of our top bathroom disinfection tips: 

Do I need to disinfect my bathroom?

do-i-need-to-disinfect-my-bathroomThe answer is definitely yes, and there’s at least a few reasons for that.

By having a clean and disinfected bathroom you reduce the chance of developing a health condition that can stem from having a dirty bathroom. 

Bathrooms are usually warm and humid, and this makes them a very favorable spot for bacteria and mold growth, both of which can have negative effects on your health. If left unchecked, bacteria and mold can spread to such a degree that it becomes incredibly hard to get rid of them completely.

Another reason for disinfecting your bathroom, and doing it regularly, is that it helps get rid of the bad smell and dirty look that can develop over time if your bathroom is not kept clean. 

What is the best way to disinfect a bathroom?

There are many ways to disinfect a bathroom, but there are certain ways you can approach the task to ensure the best cleaning result. Take a look at a couple of very handy tips to help you on your way to a clean bathroom.

Make sure to have the necessary equipment and products

This should always be the first step when it comes to cleaning, no matter if it’s the bathroom, the living room, or any part of your house. 

You should start by gearing up on safety equipment such as protective gloves, glasses and a mask, to keep you safe from the bacteria and mold that might get kicked up while cleaning, but also from any possible harmful fumes emanating from cleaning products.

Tidy up any clutter for ease of access

In order for you to be able to get to all the hard-to-reach areas of your bathroom, you should tidy up your bathroom by removing any clutter that might be present. If you have empty containers, bottles, or anything of the sort lying around, make sure to dispose of them, as well as to move your bathroom appliances to make room for yourself during cleaning.

Thoroughly clean all bathroom surfaces

Here comes the main part – the actual cleaning. Leave no stone unturned. Disinfect your bathroom floor with a mop and a cleaning product/solution. Be sure to go over it twice for maximum effect. For any mold buildup on or between tiles use a stiff brush and scrub thoroughly.

Regarding sinks, tubs and the toilet, apply a disinfectant cleaning product on the surfaces, let it rest for a while so that it kills all the bacteria, and then wipe it with a cloth or a bathroom cleaning sponge.

Change/wash towels and shower curtains


It’s important to note that bacteria and mold don’t only grow on the floor and the walls. They can also grow on towels and shower curtains, because those are often damp. For this reason it’s best that you wash your towels regularly, and dispose of those that are too old and worn. If you have a shower curtain, make sure to clean it regularly as well to prevent mold build-up.

Disinfect regularly

Disinfecting the bathroom once isn’t going to do much in the long run. After a while, bacteria and mold tend to come back so you should practice regular disinfection to ensure a clean and healthy bathroom.

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