Properly Cleaning a House: Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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what order do you clean your houseAnybody who has ever cleaned their home (that is, the vast majority of us) has wondered if there was some proper way to clean a house that could speed up the whole process and make it easier.

The truth is, short of hiring professional house cleaning services in Marshall, IL, there is no 100% effective way to avoid spending quite a bit of time and energy on home cleaning. That being said, there are a few tried and true tips we can give you to make it easier.

Read on to discover how professionals clean a home and which tactics of theirs you can use to simplify your home cleaning.

We asked the pros: in what order do you clean your house?

As with any other task in life, cleaning can be made easier by planning ahead and following certain common sense approaches. While the order in which you clean the home is important, the order in which you go about the cleaning itself can simplify things a lot more.

The order we’re talking about, of course, is the top-to-bottom cleaning approach. This means that you should always clean the higher areas first (tops of cabinets, higher shelves, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.) and gradually proceed to the lower areas.

By doing this, you’ll be sending all the excess dust and dirt drifting down to the floor, where it can be quickly vacuumed at the end of your cleaning. This greatly cuts down on the time you spend cleaning and makes the whole endeavor less tiring.

Where do I start when cleaning my house?

First, make a list of the cleaning supplies you will need and collect them in a light basket that you can effortlessly carry from room to room. This prevents extra trips to the laundry room and saves you time and energy.

Take a look at your home and note two things:

  • What are the dirtiest rooms in your place?
  • What is the logical order the rooms go in?

Start with the dirtiest room, because it will be easier to clean while you’re fresh. Then move on to the next dirtiest, and so on. If your living room is adjacent to the bedroom which is in turn adjacent to the bathroom, don’t clean the bathroom first and then the living room, as that includes a lot of needless extra effort.

How do I prepare for a cleaning service?where do i start when cleaning-my-house

Hiring a reputable cleaning company is a great way to save energy and time while also getting a squeaky clean house. Quality companies use high-end cleaning supplies that safeguard the community while also being 100% safe to people and pets.

Maximize the benefit you get out of your cleaning service by:

  • Removing clutter such as toys, clothes, and magazines to make it easier for cleaners to get to the surfaces they need to clean.
  • Finding a place to put your pets (if you have any) while the cleaning occurs.
  • Leaving all the necessary keys in an easy-to-see place such as the kitchen counter.
  • Writing down a list that points out the less-noticeable things that need to be cleaned, which will prevent your maids from missing anything.

Once that’s done, simply kick back and relax. Chances are, you won’t have to be present at your home during the cleaning. Take your loved ones outside and spend the day relaxing at the Lion Land Park, or visit your favorite restaurant.

Who supplies unsurpassed house cleaning services in Marshall, IL?

KCB Maids are a trusted cleaning company in Marshal, IL that specializes in sending the finest career cleaners to your home. Between our satisfaction guarantee, our extensive vetting process, and our hassle-free online booking form, we are your best source of superb cleanings.

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