How To Tidy Up Your Basement in 4 Simple Steps

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How do you deep clean an old basementWhen it comes to cleaning your home, basements tend to be the last room you think about. It can also accumulate a lot of clutter, making it harder for you to keep things organized as times goes by. Whether you’re a new house-owner in Clinton, IN, or you live in a place with an old basement, you might consider hiring maids to provide professional service and keep the area in good order.

If you, however, decide to take on this project by yourself, be sure to have a plan before you begin. With our expert tips, you can tidy up your basement in 5 simple steps. Let’s dive right in!

How do you deep clean an old basement?

There isn’t a universal upkeep order that can be applied to every basement, but following these steps will certainly help you achieve your goal. Using this approach and making regular cellar maintenance a habit, you will no longer be intimidated by it.

1. Declutter

Since basements tend to get messy and full of unnecessary stuff, start off by sorting everything out. Get rid of everything that isn’t usable anymore and that you would like to throw away. Whether it’s old and broken furniture, toys, damaged tools, and anything similar. It will already look much better. Once you have decided what to keep, classify it by category.

2. Deal with any mold or corrosion 

It’s not unusual for dark and cold spaces such as basements to retain moisture and develop mold. Although it’s best to deal with this problem as soon as you notice it, it’s never too late to hire professionals and make sure your cellar is completely free of mold. 

3. Clean the surfaces

Now that you don’t have any clutter that can get in your way and create an excessive mess, you can go on to wiping down the shelves, hard surfaces, cabinets, and countertops. Using an all-purpose solution and a microfiber cloth, make sure everything is left squeaky clean. For more stubborn and harder stains, scrub with bleach or any other strong product. The history of cleaning products has come a long way, so you have a wide variety of options. 

4. Sweep, vacuum, and mop

In the end, get those old and dirty floors all spruced up. A lot of build-up and dust can develop over time if you aren’t regularly cleaning. Do you know all the terms used for cleaning floors? Start with sweeping chunkier parts of dirt to get it out of the way and prepare for vacuuming. Next, vacuum every corner to make sure you’ve gotten all of the dust out. Finally, mop the floors with a proper product and leave you’ll instantly see an improvement in appearance.

Where in Clinton can I find reliable maids for professional house services

Where in Clinton, IN, can I find reliable maids for professional house services?

If you don’t feel like you’re up to the job of deep cleaning your home, or you’re wondering how to keep a house neat if you live with a cat, KCB Maids is your go-to place to turn to. Whether you live near Union Hospital Clinton, or anywhere else in the area, you are welcome to reach out to us and book your appointment. 

As local authority in the field, we have a team of professional cleaners with extensive knowledge and long-standing experience, committed to providing the highest industry standards. We use cleaning supplies with unwavering quality to make sure your home is spotless. Contact us today and find out more!

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