The Ultimate House Cleaning Schedule

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how-do-i-organize-my-house-cleaningOne thing that’s inevitable is keeping your home clean and tidy. Sometimes the hardest part is organization. Chores and maintenance can take up a lot of your valuable time. If you slack off and skip a few days, chores will pile up and you’ll be overwhelmed thinking about where to start.

Of course, if you live in Terre Haute, you can always hire a home cleaning company and let the professionals make sure your living space is spotless. If you wonder how you can make the process of cleaning fast and productive, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list that will help you be more organized and use your free time doing something you love.

How do I organize my house cleaning?

When it comes to tidying up, you probably want to just get over it and start without a plan. That might work in emergency situations, for instance, if you have unexpected guests coming over. On the other hand, creating a schedule and sticking to it will benefit you more in the long run and your home will thank you. 

One of the best ways to manage home cleaning is by deciding what you should do each day of the week. 

  • Monday: Bathroom
  • Tuesday: Kitchen
  • Wednesday: Kids’ rooms
  • Thursday: Bedrooms and closets
  • Friday: Laundry
  • Saturday: Floors & windows


  • Remove clutter from your countertops and disinfect them 
  • Empty the trash
  • Take care of the plumbing – scrub the toilet, tub, sink, and descale the showerhead
  • Organize drawers
  • Change the toilet paper rolls, and the floor mat, and replace towels with clean ones
  • Make a list of products and toiletries that need to be replaced


  • Declutter
  • Throw away any spoiled food and store the remaining food properly
  • Wash the dishes and put them away
  • Wipe down countertops, cabinets, appliances, oven, and a stovetop
  • Clean the microwave

Pro tip: squeeze half a lemon in the bowl of vinegar and microwave it for 10 minutes for a spotless microwave!

  • Take out trash

Kids’ rooms

  • Go through the toys – take out any that aren’t used, broken, or not age-appropriate 
  • Put away books
  • Wipe down the surfaces
  • Change bedding

Bedrooms and closets

  • Depending on the season, organize your closet accordingly
  • Dust dressers, side tables, drawers, and picture frames
  • Iron hanging clothes
  • Replace the sheets with fresh linens


Doing laundry is probably the most dreadful chore for most people, however, if you pick a day just for it, commit yourself and get it done. You can even wash your clothes the night before so that in the morning you can dry them and fold them. It will take up an hour or two, but then you will have a whole day ahead of you. Maybe even use it to spend the day at the Swope Art Museum

Floors and windows

After the week’s done, and your home is all tidied up, finish it off by mopping the floors, washing the windows, and replacing curtains. It will bring freshness and vibrancy to your home, allowing you to enjoy the weekend in a clean and spotless home.

where-in-terre-haute-can-i-find-the-most-reputable-home-cleaning-companyWhere in Terre Haute can I find the most reputable home cleaning company? 

If you think you’ve used up all the tips and tricks for fast cleaning and even though cleaning can sometimes be fun, hiring professional cleaners could be the best solution. Whether you live near Swope Art Museum or anywhere else in the area, KCB Maids will provide you with specialized service of cleaning your home. Your only job is to prepare for deep cleaning and leave the rest to our skilled professionals. 

With their extensive experience, your home will be in good hands and we will be happy to meet your needs. Contact us today and get all the info you need.

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