4 Ways to Clean Your Home When You Have Cats

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How often should you clean with a catOur pet family members bring a lot of joy to our everyday life. We love snuggling with them on the sofa, watching them play on our beds, and looking out the window. As much fun as it is, it’s inevitable that there’s more to clean when living with pets than without them. Especially if you own a cat, your feline friend can certainly make it hard to keep up with housework. 

Despite their excellent reputation for cleanliness, their hair can get stuck in the most unusual places. So, if you live in Clinton, IN, hiring professional maid services can save you time and make your life easier.

However, since home maintenance should be a part of daily life, here are some tips and tricks for keeping your home spotless even with cats

How can I keep my apartment clean with my cat?

Whether you’re considering adopting a kitten, or already own a cat – these steps will help you take care of your home and get rid of that stubborn hair that sticks to everything:

1. Use a lint roller

Thanks to the simplest, but the most practical invention that instantly picks up any hair, dirt, and dust, those pesky hairs stuck to your sofa or clothes can be removed in a second. You can have several rollers in your home, car, and bag in case you need them. After each use, peel away the dirty layer and the next one is ready for use.

2. Buy a proper brush for your cats

Brushing your cat’s hair is a great prevention from shedding and can also be beneficial for their hair and skin. Just make sure to use a proper brush for their hair type, the one that won’t pull on the hair or hurt their skin. 

3. Invest in a small and handy vacuum

Vacuuming your home should be a routine, with or without cats. However, you don’t have to pull out your heavy vacuum every time you need to clean up something. Simply invest in a smaller, portable one and use it for emergency clean-ups. 

4. Sanitize their eating and potty area

It goes without saying that you need to pay special attention to the areas of your house where your cats spend the most time. Make sure the sandbox is always empty, and disinfect the floor around it. Ensure their food and water bowls are clean and place a mat underneath so you can wipe it down as needed.

How often should you clean with a cat?

Assuming you tackle your home regularly, having cats around shouldn’t be any different and won’t take up any extra time. What you can do on a daily basis is make sure to remove any excess hair, either with a lint roller or a vacuum. 

If your cat has access to a backyard or goes outside at any point – make sure to wipe their paws properly. This should make the cleaning process you do on a weekly basis much easier. 

How can I keep my apartment clean with my catWhere in Clinton, IN can I find the most dependable maid services?

You don’t have to know all the different terms in cleaning or when the first product was invented in order to maintain your house in good shape. However, knowing how to clean a basement or any other room might come in handy, but for everything else, KCB Maids are at your disposal. Whether you live near Mecca Bridge or anywhere else in the Clinton area, contact us today and get the most professional cleaning that will leave your home sparkly clean. 

Our team consists of skilled professionals that make it their goal to meet your needs and leave you satisfied. Our customer support is there for you if you have any additional questions before you book your appointment. 

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