How to Effectively Clean Marble Surfaces

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If you own marble floors or countertops, you know how gorgeous they look when they are freshly cleaned and polished. But marble is a delicate material and maintaining marble surfaces on a daily basis can be tricky business. You may need to hire professional cleaning services in Seelyville, IN to address the issues the proper way.

So whether you are preparing to give your marble tiles a thorough cleanse or thinking about ways to get rid of those stains from your kitchen counter, it’s important to know what to do in order not to damage the surfaces in the process. Read on to learn more.

How do you clean dirty marble?

How do you clean dirty marbleMarble is a porous natural stone. This means that some of the most common household spills, such as tea, coffee, carrot juice, and even commercial cleaning agents, can easily cause staining on its surface if they get past the protective seal and manage to enter its pores.

In addition to that, marble is highly susceptible to etching in contact with acidic substances. Even mild household acids like wine, vinegar, lemon juice, and milk can cause these reactions and damage the stone in places they were spilled. When accidents happen, if the stains are not wiped off immediately, the acid can eat away the calcium carbonate in the surface, leaving permanent dull marks on your surfaces.

Using strong abrasive, acidic, or even alkaline cleaning products on this type of material, and especially mixing them together, can only worsen the problem. So, when reaching for your pantry to mix up a cleaning solution, make sure to stay away from vinegar, lemon juice, and all other acid-based cleaners, including bleach.

Marble should ideally be cleaned using only soapless PH neutral cleaners, soft wiping tools, and gentle movements.

What cleaning products are safe to use on marble?

Much like with all other surfaces, the safest way to clean marble is by using cleaning agents specifically designed for the purpose. Apart from that, some of the more common household cleaners can give you great results when applied properly. Here’s what you can use:

  • Soft microfiber cloth/dusting mop: When it comes to removing everyday loose dirt from marble, using dry soft dusting mops and cloths is a great alternative to vacuuming, as vacuuming can scratch and dull these surfaces.
  • Dishwashing soap: Using mild, phosphate-free dish soap combined with water can be a good way to remove grime and stains from your marble. However, this leaves a hazy residue that can create a dull look on the surfaces if not rinsed thoroughly.
  • Baking soda: Occasionally, baking soda is safe to use on marble surfaces even though it is alkaline and mildly abrasive too. To avoid damaging the surface, apply it gently and remove with a damp cloth without scrubbing. Always rinse it with water and dry the surface with a soft cloth or towel.
  • Stone sealers: Using the right stone sealing product on your marble surfaces can prevent liquids from entering the stone’s pores and minimize the possibility of staining.

Where can I book trustworthy cleaning services in Seelyville, IN?

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