How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean and Dust-Free

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Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home. They’re durable, they add value to a property, and they go well with most decorating styles. However, they also need special care in order to remain scratch-free and looking their best.

Learning how to properly clean your hardwood floors (or hiring professional Clinton cleaning services to do it for you) is crucial if you want to prevent costly repairs, refinishes, or replacements.

In previous articles, we gave you some pointers on how to keep your home dust-free and how to clean fabric and suede furniture. Now we’ll answer some common questions about hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance. Read on to learn more.

How do you get dust off hardwood floors?

Because they’re made of wood, hardwood floors are more vulnerable to moisture and can get damaged more easily than, for example, laminate or ceramic tile floors. This means that rough vacuum cleaner attachments and damp mops should be avoided.

There are three ways to dust off a hardwood floor:

  • Doing it by hand using a soft cloth may not be particularly pleasant or quick, but it guarantees you won’t scratch the wood, ruin the finish, or miss a spot,
  • Getting a hardwood floor attachment for your vacuum cleaner is never a bad idea. Just remember to buy an attachment equipped with soft bristles,
  • Dust mops provide the best balance between ease of use and efficiency. Clean around the edges of the room first and use a dustpan to pick up any excess debris at the end of the cleaning.

Depending on where you live, you should give your hardwood floors a good dusting at least once a week. In addition to making your place look better, this will remove most toxins, pollens, and allergy-inducing dust mites that get inside our homes on a daily basis.

How do you clean dirty hardwood floors?

This depends on how dirty your hardwood floors are. If they’re very grimy, your best bet is to have them cleaned by a reputable cleaning company. Trying to do it on your own could easily result in the wood getting scratched or, in worst cases, starting to rot or becoming moldy.

If your hardwood floors are only mildly dirty, you can do the following:

  • Step #1: Remove and clean any carpets or area rugs before you start cleaning the hardwood floor,
  • Step #2: Make a mix of warm water and apple cider vinegar (white vinegar can also do in a pinch),
  • Step #3: Dip a flat mop with a microfiber cover into this mixture, and use it to clean the hardwood floors, taking care not to get the wood too wet.

How can I get my hardwood floors to shine?

The best way to keep the finish on your hardwood floors shiny and smooth is to follow the advice we provided above on how to clean and dust off your wood floors.

If your floors still look dull, it may be because:

  • You’re using a dirty mop that just redistributes the dirt,
  • The cleaner you use is low-quality or not designed for your type of finish,
  • You use too much water when cleaning,
  • Your pets are scratching the finish,
  • Your floor has developed a waxy buildup,
  • Your floor needs to be refinished.

Where can I book top-notch Clinton cleaning services?

Cleaning a dirty hardwood floor is not only risky because it can damage the wood, it’s also time-consuming and exhausting. So why not let the pros deal with it while you kick back with a book from the Clinton Public Library?

Between our amicable cleaning experts, our total satisfaction guarantee, and our many returning customers, KCB Maids has everything you could possibly wish for in a cleaning company. Reach out to us today.

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