How To Disinfect Everything: Coronavirus Home Cleaning Tips, Part 2

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how-do-you-disinfect-your-house-thoroghlyWe live in uncertain times. With each passing day, more of our fellow Americans are being diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection, and all evidence suggests the worst is yet to come. Unless a miraculous breakthrough happens, we won’t be getting a cure anytime soon. 

The good news is, you’re not helpless! Practicing good personal hygiene and using a maid service in Seelyville and neighboring areas is a great way to keep your home free of coronavirus. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also learn how to disinfect against COVID-19 yourself

In this article, we’ll address some common misconceptions about germ cleaning and provide you with additional pointers on how to deal with the Coronavirus in your home. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s the difference between disinfecting and sanitizing?

The terms “sanitizing” and “disinfecting” are used a lot these days. Unfortunately, many Americans use them interchangeably. This is not only wrong, but may actually endanger other people’s health by misinforming them and giving them a false sense of safety. 

The reality is that when it comes to combating germs such as the Coronavirus, the terms cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting mean three entirely different things. Understanding this is vital if you want to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19. 

The differences are:

  • Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces and objects. It’s normally done using soap and water, or an all-purpose detergent, to scrub the germs off of a surface. It doesn’t necessarily kill germs, but it decreases their number and therefore reduces the chance of infection,
  • Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects by utilizing specialized chemicals (disinfectants). However, this process doesn’t actually remove dirt or germs from a surface, so it can only really be performed after the surface has already been cleaned,
  • Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces and objects. A surface or object that has been either disinfected or cleaned (but not both) is said to have been sanitized.

How do I clean and disinfect different surfaces?

For most surfaces, you can use a standard cleaning and disinfecting approach. You’ll need a quality household cleaner (or soap and water), some clean rags or paper towels, and an EPA-approved household disinfectant. 

Follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Keep yourself safe. Use on a face mask and disposable gloves, thoroughly wash your hands after you’re done, and remember not to touch your face during the cleaning, 
  • Step #2: First clean an object or surface by rinsing it with an all-purpose detergent, or water and soap,
  • Step #3: Apply the disinfectant and let it dry thoroughly before using it again. 

A word of warning: if you haven’t used a particular disinfectant before, never start cleaning before you’ve read the directions on the label. Disinfectants are powerful chemicals, and using them improperly can lead to skin or eye irritation, damaged surfaces, and ineffectual cleanings. 

Where can I find a superb maid service in Seelyville and neighboring areas?

how-do-you-protect-and-sanitize-your-houseBeing stuck at home with no way to exercise, see your friends, or grab a book from the Vigo County Public Library can leave anyone demoralized. In a situation like that, it’s hard to find the motivation to clean.

Luckily for you, you’re not alone! At KCB Maids, we strive to help our neighbors make it through these trying times by providing them with top-of-the-line home cleanings. Our cleaners are all highly trained experts who come equipped with first-rate disinfectants that make short work of any germs. 

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