How to Keep Foodborne Germs Out of Your House and Prevent Viral Infections

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what-can-you-use-to-clean-food-contact-surfacesPersonal health starts in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how often you exercise or how careful you are about avoiding contact with sick people: if you’re preparing food in a place that’s less than sanitary, you will inevitably end up ingesting various foodborne germs.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc on the world, making sure your home is germ-free has become more important than ever. While booking Terre Haute cleaning services is a great way to quickly sanitize your house, it still pays to learn how to properly clean and disinfect surfaces on your own. 

In the following article, we’ll give you some pointers on which cleaning supplies work best when disinfecting your home against coronavirus. The following tips will be particularly useful when dealing with surfaces that come into contact with food. Read on to learn more.

What cleaning products should I use to protect against the coronavirus disease?

When the COVID-19 outbreak first began, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a list of disinfectants that have been proven to be effective against this dangerous virus.

Although these products are made by reputable manufacturers, they still contain strong chemicals that should be handled with care. Before applying a disinfectant you haven’t used previously, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the instructions on the packaging. 

Also, take the appropriate precautions when cleaning against coronavirus:

  • Wear a face mask and disposable gloves.
  • Thoroughly ventilate your home during cleaning.
  • Refrain from shaking dirty laundry.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 30 seconds after the cleaning is done.
  • Do not touch your face until after you’ve washed your hands.
  • Keep disinfectants out of reach of children.

What can you use to clean food contact surfaces?

Despite how safe the EPA-approved disinfectants may be, many Americans are understandably reluctant to use these powerful chemicals on surfaces that come in direct contact with the food they and their loved ones eat. The surfaces in question include kitchen counters, the interiors of refrigerators and ovens, dining tables, and so on. 

The good news is, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a list of common household items that can also be used when disinfecting against COVID-19. Just remember that disinfection doesn’t actually remove the dirt and dust: you’ll still need to give the surface a regular cleaning with soap and water, or apply a universal household cleaner.

You can also disinfect your home using:

  • A bleach solution made of 4 teaspoons of bleach per a quart of room temperature water, or 5 tablespoons of bleach per a gallon of room temperature water. These solutions are effective for disinfection for up to 24 hours. Just be careful not to apply bleach to a surface that may get damaged by it.
  • Regular rubbing alcohol can be used to disinfect hard surfaces and objects. Solutions that contain at least 70% alcohol can neutralize bacteria and viruses on surfaces as long as you leave them wet for at least 30 seconds. 

Who provides the finest Terre Haute cleaning services?

what-cleaning-products-should-i-use-to-protect-against-the-coronavirus-diseaseIt’s an unfortunate fact that we’re going to be dealing with the coronavirus epidemic for at least a few more weeks (or even months). With the lockdown in full effect, and no way to do relaxing things such as visit the Wabash Valley Arts Spaces with your friends and family, many people are feeling unmotivated when it comes to cleaning their houses. 

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