How to Make Your Windows Sparkling Clean

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how-do-i-clean-a-dirty-windowDirty windows and overgrown front yards are telltale signs of an unkempt home. Unlike overgrown yards, however, filthy windows affect the atmosphere inside the house and can’t really be ignored. Taking the time to ensure your windows are crystal clear will improve not only the way your home looks, but also make the time you spend inside it more pleasant.

The easiest way to get spotless windows is to let professional maids in Brazil IN take care of your cleaning for you while you watch your favorite show or enjoy a pleasant walk through the Meridian-Forest Historic District. That being said, learning how to wash your windows yourself is never a bad idea.

In previous articles, we explained how to deal with dust in your home and revealed some effective vacuuming tips and tricks. Now we’ll tell you how to get the most out of your window cleaning. Read on to learn more.

How do I clean a dirty window?

Most windows (and most glass surfaces in general) can be cleaned by spraying them with a glass cleaner (these cleaners come in green variants as well) and then wiping them with paper towels. But what if your windows haven’t been cleaned in a while, or if a storm has left them caked with dirt?

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean very dirty windows:

  • Step #1: Put a large towel on the floor underneath the window to keep the floor from getting wet and dirty.
  • Step #2: Lightly spray a commercial cleaner on a clean and lint-free rag. If your window is extremely filthy, mix one tablespoon of ammonia with three tablespoons of vinegar or rubbing alcohol in one quart of warm water, and use that instead of the commercial cleaner.
  • Step #3: Gently wipe the window with the rag. Using horizontal strokes is a great way to prevent dripping.
  • Step #4: Take a clean squeegee. Put it on a dry spot on the glass and press it downward. Wipe the blade on the cleaning cloth after every stroke to keep it dry.
  • Step #5: Dry the windows using old towels or sheets. For added sparkle, polish the nearly-dry glass with a piece of newspaper.
  • Step #6: Put the small-brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, and vacuum the window sill and frame.

How do you keep water spots off your house windows?

Unfortunately, rain and moisture will eventually create water spots on your windows no matter what you do. If these spots appear on your interior windows (this often happens in bathrooms), make sure you clean and dry them regularly to prevent harmful molds from appearing in your home.

Here’s how to clean even the most stubborn water stains:

  • Make a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Soak a towel in this mixture.
  • Press the towel on the rough water spots on the window. Let it sit.
  • Wipe and press the towel on the glass until all the spots are gone.
  • Dry the window with a rag.

What is the best way to clean windows streak free?

how-do-you-keep-water-spots-off-your-house-windowsPour water in a bucket and mix it with vinegar or dishwashing detergent. Use a long window scrubber to apply this cleaning solution to the glass. Pull the squeegee over the glass in a reverse “S” pattern, and remember to wipe the squeegee’s blade with a clean lint-free cloth after each stroke.

Where can I hire first-rate maids in Brazil IN?

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